III Euro-American Conference for the Development of Human Rights:
Human Rights Dimensions of COVID-19 Response

Submission notice

#1 Modalities:

  • (M1) On-site

  • (M2) Online

  • (M4) Only Publication

#2 Language:

Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

The indication of the language of moderation/functioning of the Symposium is the responsibility of the coordinators and becomes mandatory upon submission.

The submission of papers for final publication will be subject to a separate announcement.

#3 Presentations on-site & online:

In this edition of the event, all accepted communications will be presented in an auditorium within each of the Symposiums created to make schedules more flexible and give everyone the opportunity to present their work and discuss their results.

Each Participant, in the form of face-to-face and/or virtual communication, has a maximum limit of ten (10) minutes to present their communication in pitch format. The debate will be held every 3 or 4 interventions and again before the symposium ends.

The virtual presentations take place in live streaming on the event’s own virtual platform, where they will also be recorded and available on the event’s official virtual channels.

Additionally, Participants who so wish may request the sending of their work presentations previously recorded in pitch format recorded in a .mp4 file with a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

#4 Proposals for Abstract Submission:

  • Participants may submit proposals for the presentation of abstracts and/or papers that fit the objectives and themes, namely original and unique scientific papers addressing state-of-the-art reviews and new perspectives of empirical and/or evaluation research/research, innovative methodological solutions, etc.

  • The choice of the Symposium is the Participant’s responsibility.

  • The Organizing Committee may propose changes in the Symposium due to the need to adjust the final program or for coherence between the Symposium and the content of the full paper/essay.

  • Each abstract or paper may have up to 3 authors.

  • The submission of abstracts can be done in Portuguese, Spanish, or English.

  • Abstracts and/or full papers/articles written in non-English must additionally include an abstract, title and keywords in English.
  • The submission must be made through the submission form available at cedh.pt
  • The evaluation of the abstracts is the responsibility of the Organizing Committee in conjunction with the Symposium Coordinators.

  • The Organizing Committee may request corrections to the abstract in order to be accepted.

  • Only one registration fee is due per paper.

#5 Submission for publication:

The publication in a book or the use of fast-track from partner journals is optional and the submission guidelines will be included in a specific notice to be made available in due course by the editors of the journal and in the tab “publication policy”.

Independently of other publications that may be added, the publication of the abstracts in the Proceedings Book and the publication in e-book are guaranteed, both with European ISBN and individual DOI indexed in CrossRef and in the Web of Science platform.

#6 Originality:

Abstracts and/or full paper/articles must be original and not under review for any other congress or publication.

#7 Review

All abstract and/or full paper/article submissions will be subject to a double-blind peer-review and evaluation process.

The Organizing Committee will be responsible for the anonymization of all submissions.

After the review process the authors will be notified of the decision of the evaluation of the submission.

#8 Deadlines: 

#9 Advantages, Course Credits and Certificates

  • Participation and access to all CEDH2021 documents.
  • Publication of the abstracts in Proceedings Book format with European ISBN and DOI of the work by CrossRef and indexed in the Web of Science platform (ScholarOne and ISI).
  • Publication of 1 full paper/article in e-book* with European ISBN and individual DOI per chapter and of the work by CrossRef and indexed in the Web of Science platform (ScholarOne and ISI).
  • Certificate of paper presentation (if applicable).
  • Certificate of participation in the Conference as listener/auditor with 25 hours.
  • Publication of paper(s) after scientific peer review process.
  • Facilitation (fast-track) of publication in several partner journals of the event with minimum SCOPUS or Web of Science level and/or Qualis A (A1, A2 or A3).
  • Network access to an international and multidisciplinary scientific community.
  • Certificate of thematic symposium coordination.
  • Coordination of the publication with the papers/chapters presented at the respective symposium.
  • Access to courses and workshops promoted by partners of the event under privileged commercial conditions or even free of charge.
  • Exemption of Registration Fee for Symposium Coordinators.

*Participation in the publication is voluntary.