Submission deadline: 30 August 2019

Those with an academic interest in participating in the academic publication of the proceedings of the 1st Conference for the Development of Human Rights - ILO, 100 years later (CEDH2019) should submit their individual proposals (maximum 2 proposals per person, regardless of the participation category) in line with one of the following methods of participation:

  • In-person presentation
  • Virtual presentation
  • Poster presentation
  • Article for publication

1. 1. Formal requirements for proposals (regardless of participation method):

  • Proposals may be submitted in any of the official languages of the conference (Portuguese, English or Spanish).
  • The proposal must contain a title, an abstract and between three and five keywords.
  • The proposal abstract should not exceed five hundred (500) words and should be in accordance with the following methodology: introduction, method used, discussion of results, and conclusion.
  • All proposals must state the name of the author (or authors, in the case of joint proposals), institutional affiliation and contact e-mail address.
  • Joint proposals may not be made by more than three (3) authors and must indicate which one of the authors will be giving the presentation.
  • Proposals may only be sent in Word format, using the form provided on the “Submission & Registration” page.
  • Select the appropriate field of research from the drop-down menu on the form.

2. Deadlines:

  • Submission of proposals -----------------------------------------------------------------30/08/2019
  • Decisions on proposals submitted -------------------------------------------------------10/09/2019
  • Reduced price registration ---------------------------------------------------------------15/09/2019
  • Regular price registration ----------------------------------------------------------------14/10/2019
  • Submission of full presentations and posters --------------------------------------------12/10/2019
  • Submission of complete articles ----------------------------------------------------------30/11/2019
  • Publication of the CEDH2019 Conference Proceedings ----------------------------------30/01/2020

3. Acknowledgement of receipt of proposals and suggestions for improvement::

  • The Steering Committee will acknowledge receipt of the proposal within two (2) working days of the submission deadline.
  • The Steering Committee reserves the right to make suggestions for improvement up to ten (10) working days after the submission deadline.
  • The Steering Committee reserves the right to decline proposals submitted within twenty (20) working days from the deadline for submission, and reserves the right to do so exclusively by e-mail.
  • The Steering Committee will communicate its final acceptance of proposals within thirty (30) working days of the submission deadline.
  • Upon acceptance of the proposals, all authors and co-authors of the proposals selected must register their participation in the conference as authors or co-authors, and state whether participation will be by means of in-person presentation, virtual presentation, poster presentation, or article publication.
  • After acceptance of the proposals and confirmation of the respective registration, the Steering Committee will add the names of the authors and co-authors and the titles of the proposal to the conference programme. By registering, authors and co-authors expressly give their permission for the disclosure of the data given during registration.

4. Requirements for the evaluation of proposals:

  • Proposals will be evaluated by the Academic Committee and, its decision communicated by the Steering Committee by the dates stated under the preceding paragraph heading.
  • The Academic Committee will evaluate the suitability of each proposal based on its quality and relevance to the conference theme, and on whether it conforms to the required formatting detailed in paragraph 1.
  • The Academic Committee and the Steering Committee reserve the right to decline any proposal that either does not meet the requirements or cannot be accommodated for event-related organizational or logistical reasons.
  • These decisions shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into.

5. Payment of registration fees:

  • Within the deadline and after acceptance of their proposal, participants must register for CEDH2019 and make payment in line with the type of presentation to be given. Complete the registration process by filling in the form and sending proof of payment using the form under the "Submission & Registration” menu item.
  • Failure to register within the specified deadline will result in the proposal being disqualified and the presentation being rejected on those grounds.

6. Maximum number of presentations::

  • Each author may present up to two (2) proposals in each of the categories of participation in the conference. This rule may be changed in exceptional cases only, duly justified to the CEDH2019 Steering Committee, and only with its express permission.

7. Panel discussion rules and length of in-person and virtual presentations:

  • Each panel discussion will last 150 minutes and will have maximum of 11 in-person and/or virtual participants.
  • During each panel discussion, there will be at least one period of debate half-way through the proceedings and one period of debate at the end.
  • Each in-person or virtual presenter will have up to ten (10) minutes to make their presentation.
  • Each participant in the poster presentation category must ensure that their poster presentation reaches the Steering Committee by 12 October 2019. Each poster presentation must have at least one of its authors present at the event and the respective panel discussion.
  • Virtual presentations, as well as the presentation itself (PowerPoint file and other electronic or physical materials), should also be submitted to the CEDH Steering Committee by 12 October 2019.

8. Publication:

  • The abstracts will be published in a book of abstracts with a Portuguese ISBN, to be made available during the conference.
  • The final articles will be published as an academic publication in the form of Conference Proceedings, indexed by Thomson Reuters.
  • No article should exceed 18,000 words in its entirety, i.e., the word count shall include the abstract, the article, footnotes and the bibliography.
  • Articles must use Arial 12 pt font, single line spacing. Page margins must be 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 cm. The page size must be A4, and pages must be numbered.
  • Footnotes must use Arial 10 pt, and single line spacing.
  • All articles must include an abstract of a maximum of 300 words in Spanish if the article itself is written in Portuguese or English, and an abstract in English if the article is written in Portuguese or Spanish.
  • The abstract should be analytical, i.e., present the objectives of the article, its content and results.
  • The abstract must include between three and five keywords.
  • The title, abstract and keywords must all be in Spanish if the article itself is written in Portuguese or English, and in English if the article is written in Portuguese or Spanish.
  • The name of the author must not appear in the article.
  • Author information should be included in a separate document that should contain the following details: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, academic titles, institutional affiliation, current position held, and a brief description of participation in current studies and/or publications in books and journals.
  • The first page should also indicate whether the research referred to in the article is the result of specific funding, if applicable.
  • Subdivisions of the body of the text (chapters, subsections, etc.) should be numbered using Arabic numerals, except for the introduction and conclusion, which are not numbered.
  • Terms in Latin and foreign words should be written in italics.
  • The first time an abbreviation is used, it should be placed in parentheses after the full text being abbreviated. Thereafter, only the abbreviation should be used.
  • Citations longer than four lines should be placed in long form, between quotation marks, using single line spacing, Arial 11 pt font, and indented margins.
  • There should be a single line space between each paragraph of text.
  • Tables, graphs, illustrations, photographs and maps should be referenced and explained in the text.
  • They should also carry a title or caption, be numbered sequentially and the accompanying image notes and source reference be placed immediately below where they appear in the document.
  • Images should be presented in high quality digital format (JPG or TIFF, either 300 and 240 dpi). The author is responsible for obtaining the authorization to publish the figures used.
  • Footnotes should be numbered using Arabic numerals.
  • The bibliography should be placed at the end of the article in Arial 11 pt, using single line spacing. It must be divided into primary and secondary sources. Primary sources should include: reports and archival material, journals or monographs. Titles should be listed in alphabetical order.
  • All texts received will be subsequently subjected to a double-blind peer review coordinated by the Academic Committee.
  • The results of the review will be communicated by the Organization.
  • The Academic Committee may recommend edits of the text, subject to their acceptance in the double-blind peer review process.
  • The decisions of the Academic Committee are final and no correspondence shall be entered into.

9. Registration for CEDH2019:

Registration for CEDH2019 at any level of participation (in-person, virtual or poster presentations, or article publication) includes:
  • Access to CEDH2019;
  • Publication of final papers in the CEDH2019 Conference Proceedings, with indexing by Thomson Reuters;
  • Book of abstracts with a Portuguese ISBN;
  • Executive dinner (14 October);
  • Conference documentation;
  • Certificate confirming the delivery of a presentation at CEDH2019 (Only in-person, virtual and poster presenters are eligible for this certificate.);
  • Letter of acceptance of proposal;
Registration does not include:
  1. Travel;
  2. Accommodation in Coimbra;
  3. Meals;
  4. Any item not mentioned under the paragraph beginning, “Registration for CEDH2019 at any level of participation (in-person or virtual presentations, poster submission or article publication) includes:”
Registration Fees:
Type of Registration Before 15 Sep. After 15 Sep.
Author of in-person presentation + publication of final paper € 100.00 € 120.00
Co-author of in-person presentation + publication of final paper € 80.00 € 100.00
Author of virtual presentation + publication of final paper € 80.00 € 100.00
Co-author of virtual presentation + publication of final paper € 60.00 € 80.00
Author of a poster presentation + publication of final paper € 70.00 € 90.00
Co-author of a poster presentation + publication of final paper € 50.00 € 70.00
Author of an article for publication only (no in-person, virtual or poster presentation) € 150.00 € 170.00
Co-author of an article for publication only (no in-person, virtual or poster presentation) € 120.00 € 140.00
Certificate of Attendance (no presentation required) € 20.00 € 20.00

Panel coordinators, invited guests and conference assistants not eligible for the certificate of attendance are not required to pay registration fees.

Registration and fees – social and cultural programme
Event Registration deadline Amount
Executive dinner (14 October) – authors, co-authors, and CEDH2019 invited guests 12/10/2019 € 0.00*
Executive dinner (14 October) – partners and other attendees 12/10/2019 € 25.00
Cocktail Social (15 October) – authors, co-authors, and CEDH2019 invited guests 12/10/2019 € 0.00**
Conference dinner open to all participants 12/10/2019 € 25.00
Book presentation Free admission Free admission

* Exclusive admission to registered CEDH2019 participants (authors and co-authors).

** Admission is also open to partners of registered CEDH2019 participants (authors and co-authors) subject to advance notice.