I Euro-American Conference for the Development of Human Rights: ILO – 100 Years Later


I had the immense pleasure of participating in the 1st Euro-American Conference on Human Rights in 2019. The organizers did an excellent job in choosing the House of Culture of Coimbra as the venue for the event, in selecting dynamic and well-designed works, in providing integration activities , prepare delicious coffee breaks, and think of absolutely everything to make the event go smoothly. It was all fantastic.

At the ECHR I was able to share my research and have constructive feedbacks. In addition, I learned a lot from the other participants, there was a sincere exchange of content, and I established new professional and friendship connections.

I look forward to the next ECHR! Until then!

Fernanda Pimentel Sá, CEDH 2019

Participating in the ECHR 2019 was of great importance for me, as I had the opportunity to present an excerpt from my PhD research, whose theme: Education, Violence, Mathematical Learning: Study of a Public School in Salvador. Which allowed me to exchange knowledge with other researchers from different countries.

The Conference provided a harmonious, organized, balanced meeting for its participants, demonstrated through the actions of its coordinators. The time for the presentations and the intervals very coherent and dosed in the right measure for the development of the Conference.

A dinner was also offered at a Local Typical Restaurant, providing its participants with a relaxed moment, thus favoring a beautiful get-together for everyone, facilitating new friendships!
The location of the event was super accessible for the displacement of people, the suggestions of the hotels very pleasant and in a good location.
I recommend this event to everyone who wants to participate! Worth it!

Eliana Braga Oliveira, CEDH 2019

The 1st Euro-American Conference for the Development of Human Rights took place in October 2019, striving for an impeccable organization, from beginning to end, with relevant, current and innovative thematic sections for the scientific community, where the quality of the speakers and the dynamics of debates arising from the conferences.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the important networking opportunity established with people from different countries.
We look forward to new editions of this already prestigious Congress!

Cristiane Reis, Instituto de Estudos Comparados em Administração de Conflitos - Universidade Federal Fluminense

My experience at the Euro-American Conference on Human Rights was enriching. I shared data from my research and had contact with research from other countries and its various objects of study. The organization of the event was impeccable – from the distribution of materials without accreditation to lectures and symposia with renowned researchers, who made a great contribution to my career as a researcher.

The program of the event was well planned, in addition to the opportunity to publish the research presented in a renowned magazine in the area of ​​Human Rights. I will definitely participate in other editions. I congratulate the team for their commitment and excellent event!

Aline Moerbeck, Advogada e Doutoranda em Direitos Humanos - Universidade de Coimbra

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