COVID 19 Information

The Organizing Committee of the II Euro-American Conference for Human Rights’ Development announces that, despite the emergence of COVID 19 and after listening to different stakeholders involved in the organization of CEDH2020, it was decided to keep the event scheduled for 12-13 October.
In order to minimize the possible impacts of the virus, the organization also announces the implementation of a Risk Mitigation Plan, taking into account the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the General Directorate of Health, such as:

  • Information about cares in visible places along the rooms;
  • Dispensers with alcohol gel along all the places of the conference;
  • Reinforcement of medical support services, with the activation of an “Advanced Medical Post” with a doctor and nurse permanently;
  • Implementation of an isolation area for suspected cases, with the respective evacuation circuit and protocol;
  • Dissemination of information and good practices to be followed by all the collaborators of the II Euro-American Conference for Human Rights’ Development (CEDH2020), in order to minimize the potential risk associated with the performance of their duties.

The Organizing Committee of the CEDH2020 is highly committed with the realization of other successful edition of this, committing to adopt, along with the competent entities, all measures that may be considered necessary to ensure the safety of participants.
The organization also appeals to the sense of responsibility of all who consider they have been exposed to a potential risk of contagion or in risk areas, to refrain from participating in the edition of the CEDH2020.

Finally, it is also important to remember the information provided by the Directorate-General for Health, which states that “at this date and following the guidelines of the World Health Organization, there are no travel, trade or product restrictions, and therefore, the decision to participate or not in public and mass events belong to each citizen ”.
More informations about COVID-19:
Coronavirus Treatment Protocol (COVID-19) Ministry of Health, available at: